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    Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Homme

    Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Homme
    Wow, what a presentation of a bottle . For me one of the most beautiful bottles I have seen so far, and that for a designer fragrance.

    " Another fragrance from JPG in this price range?" I thought to myself when the scandal was introduced. The first time I smelled it in nature was when a friend wore it on a shopping trip in warm Stuttgart.

    This soft caramel note with a hint of sage was anything but scandalous, very soothing and special I would say.

    Of course, you can't expect the same quality from a niche fragrance from a fragrance in this price range, but I don't think the description "synthetic", as some say, is appropriate.

    You can compare JPG Scandal with Versace Eros , only much better.

    Due to its sweetness and playfulness, it probably hits the younger target group , but in my opinion it is a very good all-rounder and a great club fragrance thanks to the very strong projection . You smell the scent on yourself, even through a mask.

    Finally a manufacturer dared to try something new on the designer market.

    The durability is above average , so I sprayed the fragrance on my forearm yesterday afternoon and still felt it strongly this morning in the shower.

    For me a real highlight in the perfume industry this year.

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