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    Xerjoff Vardasina

    Xerjoff Wardasina
    A little herbal rose witch!

    Wardasina sometimes hovers under the radar of many fragrance lovers, actually strange. This perfume combines two opposites.

    On the one hand this herbal, slightly tart maybe, at least as a base, together with vanilla, musk and tobacco, on the other hand this sweet, dominant rose over it. Both works in parallel and projects very strongly.

    What a treat!

    The rose-like and the herbal garden stand side by side and fascinate, on the other hand they also unite again and again and result in an unusually attractive mixture, something that one constantly wants to sniff and smell.

    Wardasina shines enormously, the sillage is strong and the shelf life is until the next day. Suitable for both men and women – those who dare to apply only a few splashes will be happy in any area, i.e. in the office, when meeting friends, in the evening hours, etc.

    But one thing you should know: the environment knows that you are there when Vardasina becomes your scent of the day.

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