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Free shipping to DE from 50€ | to CH-AT-FR from 50€

    Shipping and Payment Information

    Shipping Information

    Since the satisfaction of our customers is our focus, we currently offer express shipping to the European Union .


    - Germany: 4.49 (free shipping from 45€)
    - EU: Price is calculated at checkout for each country.

    *As of 11/02/2022

    As soon as we receive your order, we will fill it within the next 12 hours .

    Your perfume filling will be delivered to your home within 24 - 48 hours via DHL .

    -Please understand that there may be delays in delivery due to the current situation.-

    Please note that we will deduct 4€ from your refund in the event of a return due to an incorrect address, missing doorbell and not picking up from the branch or packing station.

    If there are any questions or problems with your order, we are available to you around the clock by email:

    Payment Information

    Please note the following payment information when paying with Klarna.

    Would you like to shop today and only pay in 2 months? It's as simple as this: When completing the order, select the option "Pay in 2 months". The purchase price is due no earlier than 2 months after purchase. We will send you an invoice with the payment target.

    Applicable fees:

    - €0.29 for orders between €10.00 and €13.99

    - €0.39 for orders between €14.00 and €19.99

    - €0.59 for orders between €20.00 and €24.99

    - €0.69 for orders between €25.00 and €29.99

    - €0.79 for orders between €30.00 and €34.99

    - €0.99 for orders between €35.00 and €49.99

    - €1.39 for orders between €50.00 and €69.99

    - €1.59 for orders between €70.00 and €109.99

    - €2.99 for orders between €110.00 and €159.99

    - €3.99 for orders between €160.00 and €199.99

    To take advantage of the offer, please order at least €10.00 but no more than €199.99.

    The total loan amount and the annual percentage rate for repayment of the entire amount after 3 months for a purchase of €10 is €10.29 or 11.76%, for a purchase of €14 it is €14.39 or 11.30% , for a purchase of €20 €20.59 or 11.96%, for a purchase of €25 €25.69 or 11.19%, for a purchase of €30 €30.79 or 10.68% %, for a purchase of €35 €35.99 or 11.47%, for a purchase of €50 €51.39 or 11.27%, for a purchase of €70 €71.59 or 9, 21%, for a purchase of €110 €112.99 or 11.02%, and for a purchase of €160 €163.99 or 10.11%. The effective annual interest rate can be both lower and higher and depends on the amount of the loan granted by Klarna and the term.

    Pay in 2 months is a condition of the Klarna installment purchase. If you do not pay for your purchase in full by the specified time, the conditions for flexible rates will automatically come into effect. You then conveniently pay off your purchase in monthly installments.

    If your purchase exceeds an amount of €199.99 for the first time, there is an effective "Buy now. Pay in 2 months" agreement. only when you have signed an installment purchase contract. The installment purchase agreement will be sent to you by Klarna. You can sign the contract and thus convert your purchase into an installment purchase or pay the entire purchase price by the specified due date. The due date for this payment is 14 days from the dispatch of the goods, tickets or, in the case of other services, the time at which the services or digital content are available. If you are in default of payment, Klarna can demand compensation for the damage caused by this in the amount of €1.20 for each reminder. You are entitled to prove that Klarna suffered no or only minor damage.

    Klarna processes your personal data in order to fulfill our obligations under this agreement and for the additional purposes set out in our privacy policy. The Privacy Policy is available here and on our website, and by using the Klarna Services, you confirm that you have read this Privacy Policy. For example, we process your personal data to identify you and to conduct customer analysis, creditworthiness, marketing and business development. We may also make your information available to selected third parties (e.g. credit reference agencies) who may also be based outside the EU/EEA. In the Privacy Policy you will find more information about data sharing, your rights in relation to your data, how to contact us with questions or how to lodge a complaint with your national supervisory authority.

    The terms and conditions can be found here .

    Information on the installment purchase contract in the form of the European standard information for consumer credit can be found here .


    We guarantee that we only sell original perfumes.

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    We ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.

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