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    Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue

    Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue

    Hello dear readers,

    In this blog post I would like to give my first impressions of
    share the latest fragrance creation from Tom Ford .

    Today we received this fragrance and I couldn't wait for one
    to smell the first fragrance sample.

    The quality of Tom Ford fragrances has convinced me several times in the past, but with Tubéreuse Nue the perfumers have once again outdone themselves.

    The name comes from the agave plant tuberose ( Agave polianthes ).
    This flower has a strong but very gentle aroma that promises a very pleasant, almost
    calming top note.

    The scent smells very soft and gentle. You can compare it with a noble milk bath or a fresh flower meadow on the first warm days of spring.

    I applied the fragrance to the palm of my hand this afternoon and, even after six hours and washing my hands several times, I smell it as intensely as at the beginning.

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