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    Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

    Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
    Neroli Portofino from the Private Blend series by Tom Ford is one of the original fragrances, which was released in 2007.
    In contrast to many other fragrances from the time, Neroli Portofino still looks contemporary and offers a unique fragrance experience.
    Neroli Portofino smells a bit like cleaning agent after application.
    Very fresh and citric, a bit biting/spicy.
    It reminds me of a high quality 5 star hotel on the beach
    Since I'm not the biggest fan of "fresh & clean" fragrances , I found the fragrance quite boring and found it to be an overpriced Prada L'Homme.
    Many fresh scents smell very one-dimensional and don't really develop after application.
    At first I couldn't tell much of a difference between Neroli Portofino and other fresh scents, however after 30 minutes it developed into an addictive scent that made you want to keep smelling it.
    If we compare the fragrance with the king of "fresh and clean" fragrances Prada L'Homme, Neroli Portofino smells a lot higher quality.
    Most Tom Ford fragrances use expensive ingredients and mostly do without synthetic agents.
    While Prada L'Homme smells cheap and synthetic to a trained nose and can even give some a headache, Neroli Portofino is for the seasoned perfume lover who wants a high quality "fresh & clean" scent.
    The durability of the fragrance is very good for a fresh fragrance, you can still perceive it after 3 hours. Of course you can't compare the fragrance with the durability of sweet fragrances, but the projection of Neroli Portofino is a lot better than other "fresh & clean" fragrances.
    In my opinion, Neroli Portofino is the perfect perfume for an important business meeting or a vacation at the beach.
    Very suitable for the masses, but also special.
    While a majority of people are rocking Dior Sauvage/Armani Si for Spring, Neroli Portofino would be a perfect alternative to stand out from the crowd.

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