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    Tom Ford Bois Marocain

    Tom Ford Bois Marocain
    Bois Marocain was originally introduced by Tom Ford in 2009 and discontinued in 2013. After many people wanted the fragrance again, a limited version of the fragrance came onto the market for a short time in 2016.

    But surprisingly, in October 2022, Tom Ford decided again to give Bois Marocain a chance.

    After application, the scent has a strong pepper note that develops into a smoky spice and strong resin .

    Bois Marocain means "Moroccan wood", which after a while is also reflected in the fragrance. But rather earthy woody instead of spicy woody like at the beginning.

    The scent is very difficult to describe because everything seems to be wrapped in smoke.

    A scent with a lot of earth, caused by the successful mixture of incense, vetiver, cedar and patchouli and not to let too much heaviness arise, with a delicate touch of bergamot .

    On the one hand, the fragrance awakens the desire to go for a walk outside in the snow on a cold winter day, but on the other hand somehow to explore the vastness of the endless desert .

    The durability and silage is very good due to the dominant, strong and woody notes. After spraying on in the afternoon, Bois Marocain is still very noticeable on the skin in the morning.

    The scent is definitely not perfect for everyone, maybe even for quite a few, but it's worth a try.

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