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    Les Exclusives de Chanel 1957

    Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1957
    The fragrance was released to mark the reopening of the East 57th Street, New York store.

    The opening of the 1957 fragrance is very floral and powdery. I would say a mixture of Tom Ford Tubérose and Chanel No.5 .
    Especially the latter is a very contested fragrance, some love it - some hate it.

    In my opinion, Chanel has released a very unique but mass -market fragrance.

    Despite the strong floral note, it is a good fragrance for men, which comes with its light freshness of neroli and iris .
    The scent reminds me of bright and warm sunbeams on a hot summer day.

    The fragrance impresses with its elegance and a certain nonchalance .

    The durability is in the middle range.

    1957 is bright, kind, considerate, calming, easy-going, flattering.

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