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    Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Forever

    Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Forever
    When I heard that Light Blue was going to launch a new fragrance, I was really excited.

    Light Blue Intense is a really great scent that immediately reminds you of the fresh sea breeze on the first summer vacation of the year.

    The grapefruit in the top note is very dominant, maybe a bit too strong for some - some would say it burns the nose.
    The perfume fits perfectly into the current weather conditions.
    The previously non-existent summer is slowly flashing through on individual days and then immediately hits with full humidity and sun.
    And it's just wonderful to have this slightly bitter, incredibly grapefruity shimmer around you and to be reminded again and again that such a fruity cocktail on ice cubes would be really delicious.

    For me it's the freshest scent I've ever known.

    I would put the durability even higher than with Light Blue - but that's also because Light Blue Forever is generally a very strong and beguiling scent.
    I got more compliments from colleagues in the office than any other fragrance before.

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