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    Diptyque Eau Rose

    Diptyque Eau Rose
    "Eau Rose" - A very simple name for a perfume, isn't it?

    In fact, it's also one of the rosiest scents I've ever smelled.
    An interesting combination of floral notes and a large proportion of litchi and the heart note.

    The scent reminds me of wet rose petals, on a walk in the beginning of summer when everything is in bloom and there are bright colors everywhere.
    A rather inconspicuous fragrance and a brand that only very few know.

    Many say the scent is boring and not special. Does a fragrance always have to be special and exciting? Sometimes you just want to wear something light and simple, especially in summer, or when you don't know which occasions are coming up during the day.

    The scent smells slightly powdery, but is more flowery fresh and slightly sweet.
    The shelf life is average and the silage okay.

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