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    Creed Aventus

    Creed Aventus is probably the most well-known niche fragrance there is.
    In addition, it is currently among the top 10 men's fragrances.

    But why is it like that?

    Aventus starts with a strong fruity freshness after spraying, which reminds you of a strong shower gel, but does not smell synthetic in any way.

    The lemon and apple in the top note are quickly replaced by the pineapple in the heart note. This is maintained throughout the day and pulls a decent amount of silage behind you.

    Although the fragrance is currently being worn by many, it still brings you some compliments and inquiries about the perfume.

    Creed Aventus is truly a masterpiece in terms of quality.
    From the circle of acquaintances, few have understood the sentence "Niche scents do not really smell like a perfume, but like a scent that you carry with you".

    When they smelled the scent, many said: "You don't smell alcohol etc."

    Although Aventus smells very fresh and citrusy at the beginning, it quickly becomes a soothing, soft scent that lasts all day on hot summer days.

    If you don't want to worry too much about the right perfume for the day, you'll never go wrong with Aventus. It is suitable for every occasion and, in my opinion, also serves as a Unique fragrance - you really only need Creed Aventus and nothing else in the collection.

    The durability is very good, three sprays are enough for the whole day.

    Creed Aventus was not in our range for a long time, and after a lot of questions from customers and interested parties - almost every day - it is finally available again as a bottling from us.

    Order a bottling today and answer the question "Why is this fragrance so hyped?" after the first spray and smell.

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    Toni calendar_today

    Schon sehr viel vom Aventus von Creed gehört und gelesen. Muss den Duft jetzt selbst mal riechen und auf der Haut spüren.

    zFPWdwPk calendar_today


    Anirbas calendar_today

    Ein Vergleich muss es wert sein

    Malte calendar_today

    Ich muss ihn jetzt einfach mal ausprobieren!

    klaus kewitz calendar_today

    Creed Aventus-preise Abfüllung

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