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    Chanel Coco Noir

    Chanel Coco Noir
    Fleeting beauty for ladies

    A super clean fresh fragrance for the ladies. But also a typical Chanel.

    I would roughly describe the fragrance as a mixture of No.5 and Coco Mademoiselle. Much softer and not as strong as No.5, but a bit fresher and spicier than Coco Mademoiselle.

    This black beauty comes along with the right amount of arrogant elegance.

    Coco noir is not a "Mmmhhhh, do you smell good!" in terms of floral-powdery-sweet kindness. It's a strong statement, more like "Wow, what are you wearing?"

    Although there are many fruity notes such as orange or grapefruit, the scent smells more like jasmine and patchouli. Later on, it gives way to vanilla and maybe even a little smoky.

    The staying power is very strong especially on warm days and everyone in the room and around can smell the scent on you.

    Anyone who has been satisfied with Chanel in the past and likes No.5 and the other Coco fragrances will definitely not go wrong with Coco Noir.

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