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    Byredo Sunday Cologne

    Easy Sunday

    It's Sunday morning.
    You've had a good night's sleep, you're carefree, you've had a fresh shower and the smell of coffee is already in your nose. In anticipation of the day off, Sunday Cologne is put on.

    It conveys freshness, is elegant, well-groomed, somewhat serious, modern and at the same time attached to classic Eau de Cologne.

    Sunday Cologne starts with a distinctive sour-citrusy-spicy note that comes from the bergamot.

    The scent has a minimal sweetness, which is almost drowned out by the spice.

    It is difficult to describe the fragrance, what makes it unique. It smells a bit synthetic, but in a more positive way.

    Sunday Cologne is very polarizing and will definitely get a lot of compliments for its strong silage and shelf life.

    The fragrance is great for formal occasions but also on hot summer days.

    With the Sunday Cologne, Byredo has succeeded in creating a very modern interpretation of a classic eau de cologne that combines freshness with seriousness. It tends to exaggerate slightly, but it is distinctive and has character.

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