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    Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

    Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

    A mature fragrance - despite its lovely sweetness

    Black Opium is a women's fragrance from the YSL brand. The scent may not seem particularly special or unique on paper.

    The fragrance notes seem inconspicuous, but in my opinion they are very well balanced and generally smell very deep and warm, tart and sweet. I have never had such a composition with any other perfume.

    It's not that fruity kitschy sweet that you would expect from many fragrances in this price range, the jasmine in particular brings out a fresh note after a while.

    The vanilla and coffee notes bring an unforgettable recognition value.

    I can imagine the scent on a woman who has an important business meeting, but I think this scent is also very good for a fine dinner.

    The scent does not smell obtrusive or strong, but I would say it still has a certain spice and a little powdery note.

    The shelf life is very good and the silage is absolutely amazing.

    I can recommend the fragrance to anyone who is looking for a serious and mature perfume that still smells lovely and sweet.

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