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    Tom Ford Oud Wood

    Tom Ford Oud Wood
    I think everyone is familiar with the scent. As usual with Tom Ford, Oud Wood smells very unique and unlike any other fragrance on the market. Although the top note contains pepper, it comes across as very soft, especially at the beginning.

    Very quickly you can smell the agar and sandalwood.

    In my opinion, the scent is a bit "weak", so you should take two or three more sprays in the morning if you want to have a shelf life for the whole day.

    Tom Ford Oud Wood is a real compliment magnet, even with a mask people ask me about my perfume. In combination with the Oud Wood Body Spray nobody can ignore the veil of scent.

    After a few minutes on the skin, I would perhaps describe the scent as a bit spicy, but more like vanilla.

    As previously written, Oud Wood has a comparatively short shelf life. I therefore recommend always having a small filling with you and spraying it afterwards.

    I can recommend the fragrance to anyone who wants to try something new, it is perfect for getting started with niche fragrances.

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