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    What size should I order?

    Welche Größe soll ich bestellen?

    Which of our bottles is best suited for which occasion?

    (25 - 30 sprays, 5-7 days)

    The cheapest version in our shop is the 2 ml bottle.
    This is made of plastic and offers a practical spray head for directly using the perfume.

    Due to the low price, even expensive perfumes such as Tom Ford or Louis Vuitton can be tested cheaply and you don't take any risks if you don't like the scent. Due to the durability of at least 20 sprays, you can also test it for several days, or simply wear it on a special occasion.

    (40-45 sprays, 7-15 days)

    From this size, our bottles are made of double-glazed material with a high-quality spray head and lid.

    This bottle is only 6.5cm tall and is therefore also suitable as a decoration in the bathroom. Especially if you are already relatively sure about a perfume, this size makes it possible to own several bottlings thanks to the low price and high-quality flacons.

    For example, you can have 5-10 different fragrances in the bathroom instead of just one large bottle for the same price.

    (50-60 sprays, 15-30 days)
    (120-150 sprays, over a month)

    If you have already found the perfect fragrance or have several favorites at once, it is worth taking a 6 or 10 ml bottle directly, as the ml price is the cheapest here and you have the most of it.

    Thanks to our fabric bag, this size is also perfect for giving away.

    All our glass bottles are very robust and therefore perfectly suited for a flight. Simply put it in the bag with the other liquids and you can start your holiday with your favorite scent.

    10ml luxury bottle

    Our luxury bottle is an additional upgrade to the normal 10ml bottle.

    This has a plastic cover so that the perfume is even better protected from the sun or falls.

    You can also have the flacon engraved by us free of charge to customize it or give it away as a gift.

    This bottle also comes with a spray head and lid, so you can use the perfume conveniently on the go.

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    hans calendar_today

    Hallo ich bin auf diese Seite aufmerksam geworden und positiv beeindruckt. Jedoch habe ich ein paar fragen, da ich E-Commerce im allgemeinen sehr spannend finde. Bedarf es einer Sonderbewilligung der Hersteller um Proben zu verkaufen? Reicht es aus wenn ihr die Düfte bei authentifizierten Reseller kauft oder kauft ihr beim Hersteller direkt?

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