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    Tom Ford Noir Extreme Perfume

    Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum
    Noir Extreme Perfume is one of Tom Ford's newest releases in 2022, trying to top the older Noir Extreme EDP - which worked really well.

    Tom Ford describes the fragrance as woody-oriental , but forgets the actual variety of wood, sweetness, spice and powdery notes.

    The scent is very spicy right from the start. At the beginning there are also slightly sweet notes floating along, but they quickly disappear in the background. Due to the woody notes , the perfume is very strong and masculine, but still does not sting the nose too much.

    The scent is exciting and anyone who smells it on others becomes immediately curious. That's why this fragrance is perfect to wear in the evening when going out .

    Although it is not mentioned in the fragrance notes, the scent smells a bit like vanilla in the background, which accompanies the scent in the background all the time.

    Although the scent is not in the Private Blend collection but is sold as a designer scent, it's damn close to being a very good niche scent . It smells very exclusive, exciting and seductive.

    The durability and silage is very strong due to the fact that it is a perfume, one or two sprays last all day .

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