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    Tom Ford Ébène Fumé

    Tom Ford Ébène Fumé
    Tom Ford Ébène Fumé is a relatively new fragrance from autumn 2021.

    The marketing of the fragrance describes the fragrance as very smoky and woody .

    The opening of the fragrance in particular is strongly reminiscent of a freshly blown out scented candle or incense sticks.

    Tom Ford himself classifies the fragrance in the "Enigmatic Woods Collection" , which means something like "the enigmatic woods" .

    However, the smoky note settles relatively quickly and brings out the other wonderful notes, such as the cedar wood and light leather note , which accompany the fragrance all the time and are very soft on the nose.

    I would even say the scent is a bit sweet , a bit sticky resinous.

    Ébène Fumé is similar in DNA to Oud Wood but has a much stronger oriental and spicy flair .

    In terms of silage and durability , it is not quite as strong as its competitors at Tom Ford, you should add another sprayer or two in the afternoon if you want the full power of the fragrance .

    Although Tom Ford Ébène Fumé is a very individual fragrance , it is suitable for the general public in my opinion. You should definitely have tested it.

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