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    Montale White Musk

    White Musk is a powdery floral unisex fragrance.

    It is a creamy, delicately spicy perfume, very different from what Montale is known for.

    Immediately after application, the creamy musk comes to light. This is neither artificial nor too strong and seems very balanced.

    The violet leaf gives this fragrance a nice light spice. A slightly rosy note comes very gently, but this is not comparable to a rose.

    I also notice a slight tartness, which is sweetish though. This is the ylang ylang.

    White Musk is a pleasant fragrance that radiates a tender warmth and is suitable for those who value it.

    I would describe it as a more feminine scent.
    White Musk is a beautiful everyday fragrance that has a very good shelf life and lasts well through the day.

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