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    Louis Vuitton Imagination

    Louis Vuitton Imagination
    Louis Vuitton Imagination is a men's fragrance from 2021 and perfect for summer.

    After direct application to the skin, the fragrance comes with a strong citrus fresh note.

    The tea note then comes through in the drydown, but in the noblest form accompanied by a cool freshness, making it a perfect scent for warm weather.

    The scent itself is uniquely good, projection really good after spraying and is not reminiscent of any other scent.

    The scent is polarizing, especially after a fresh shower in the morning, and has a relaxing but waking effect.

    After some time, the strong citrus note disappears and a soothing scent develops that is really super pleasant.

    In many forums the fragrance is described as one of the best fresh summer fragrances of 2022. We can sign it like this.

    The scent definitely gives looks and determines compliments from those around you.

    4 sprays are enough for a normal working day.

    It even lasted a relatively long time on the skin, a good 7 hours, the silage is also very good for a fresh scent in the first 3-4 hours.

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