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    Louis Vuitton Fleur de Desert

    Louis Vuitton Fleur de Desert
    Fleur de Desert is the latest creation from Louis Vuitton and, alongside Ombre Nomade, is another oud fragrance in the range.

    The fragrance starts off differently than Ombre Nomade, with a soapy note with hints of honey . Only after some time can you clearly smell the cinnamon and oud note and the fragrance unfolds very pleasantly soft, almost feminine instead of unisex as stated by Louis Vuitton.

    As the name suggests, the scent is reminiscent of a flower in the desert - somewhere strongly floral, but also warm and slightly smoky dry , like a very good red wine.

    Louis Vuitton has filled this fragrance into a dark bottle and, as already mentioned, should join the ranks of oud fragrances. In my opinion, it doesn't quite fit in there, as the flowery and sweet notes drown out the oud a bit , which is by no means bad.

    Louis Vuitton Fleur de Desert is a very successful fragrance that will please many, is for the general public, but is also very well received by niche fragrance enthusiasts . It not only stands out from the internal variety of fragrances, but is also an individual in the entire perfume market.

    The durability and silage of the fragrance is above average. Fleur de Desert accompanies you all day long with a spray in the morning and is still very present in the evening.

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