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    Louis Vuitton California Dream

    Louis Vuitton California Dream

    I associate this fragrance with a visit to a beach bar on a very warm evening.

    A friend said this scent reminds you of that moment when you 're fresh out of the shower and getting ready for the evening in the bathroom. When there is still steam in the air in the bathroom and everything smells of different scents.

    The tangerine in the top note comes to the fore when you apply the perfume and smells very fresh, a little powdery, but by no means intrusive or heavy. In my opinion, this is the case with all Louis Vuitton fragrances, which is quite positive .

    You could actually wear the fragrance as a man and woman. However, I find the powdery note and flowery note that occurs after a while more suitable for women .

    The floral note comes from the Ambrette , which is actually a flower used to make tea.

    As with the other LV fragrances, the durability is around 5-6 hours in warm weather. Well suited on vacation on a warm summer evening .

    "Sun. Summer. Sunshine. A must-have for the summer. Refreshment guaranteed."

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