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    Killian Intoxicated

    Kilian Intoxicated
    The scent is very dominant at the beginning, I think. But due to the mocha note and the green cardamom, the scent smells spicy sweet but still a bit fresh and lovely.

    I think the fragrance is very good to wear on a hot summer evening because it is very heavy and has an above-average durability.

    Just two sprays on the neck or behind the ears lead to compliments in public despite the mask.

    After a while, the scent is reminiscent of a eucalyptus-like, sweetish-hot aroma, which is spicy and fragrant and is clearly reflected in this fragrance composition.

    Due to the light cinnamon note, the fragrance is also great to wear in the cold season.

    In general, all Kilian fragrances are very versatile and individual to all other niche fragrances that I know and can definitely keep up with Tom Ford etc in terms of quality.

    I would recommend the fragrance to anyone who likes to wear more exciting fragrances and is not afraid to wear very dominant perfumes.

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