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    Are the fragrances original?

    Sind die Düfte original?

    Short answer - YES!

    The basic idea behind this shop was and still is to give everyone the opportunity to wear luxury fragrances outside of perfumeries or department stores.

    We are always looking for the best and most popular fragrances on the market and are happy to include your suggestions from Instagram in the decision.

    Most fragrances remain in the range, some are only rarely available, and a few are completely removed from the range. Due to the strongly fluctuating prices, it is not always easy to keep our stock filled with what is now a large range of over 130 perfumes, which is why some fragrances can be sold out for longer.

    Even after almost 2 years, we still stand behind this company and always try to ensure the best quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

    That's why we promise on all of our bottlings and products not to sell duplicates or perfumes that have been diluted with water or alcohol.

    In some cases it can happen that a fragrance smells different to how you smelled it before or compared it directly. This is because the manufacturer can adjust the composition and weight of the individual ingredients from batch to batch.

    We will be happy to give you the respective batch of your filling upon request.

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    We guarantee that we only sell original perfumes.

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