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    fragrance concentration


    Both women's and men's perfumes contain a fragrance concentrate (essential oils) in an alcohol-water base. The concentration of fragrance and alcohol determines how long a fragrance lasts and into which category it is classified. There are four types of perfume with specific properties:

    Eau de Cologne

    This is the lightest, most ephemeral type of perfume. The concentration is 2 to 5%. The product is fresh and invigorating, evoking associations with cleanliness and freshness.

    Eau de toilette (EDT)

    One of the most popular types of perfume, eau de toilette is perfect for regular, everyday use. The concentration is 5 to 12%. Half of the fragrance unfolds in the top notes. The perfumer attaches great importance to freshness and the development of the fragrance.

    Eau de Parfum (EDP)

    Also known as parfum de toilette or esprit de parfum. The concentration is 12 to 20%. Eau de Parfum is long-lasting with a fragrance duration of 5 to 10 hours. The fragrance unfolds mainly in heart notes. The perfumer emphasizes these notes to underline the character of the perfume. Eau de Parfum contains higher concentrations than Eau de Toilette and tends to be longer lasting and leave a stronger sillage.


    Also known as Extrait de Parfum. It is the product with the highest concentration. The concentration is 20 to 40% in 96% cosmetic alcohol. This fragrance lasts longer than the other types and is usually reserved for special occasions, especially in the evening. The fragrance unfolds mainly in base notes. The perfumer emphasizes the noble quality of the base note to underline the durability and volume. A few drops of perfume directly on the skin, preferably on the pulse points, are enough to unleash its sillage and intensity.


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